Joceline Colvert

Accordionist, Casio keyboard player and community radio enthusiast, Joceline founded The Sound of Antler originally to create a home for her accordion playing to exist in that she had not yet found. It quickly grew into much more than this as fellow musicians kindly lent their skills and an experimental edge crept in. What has also come through on the album is the fact that *** can often be found taking field recordings of anything and everything. The most recent and risky of these was a two hour recording of the wasp's nest outside her bedroom window.

Robin The Fog

Robin is a Sound Artist, producer, DJ and self confessed obsessive. These obsessive tendencies have led to the production of beautiful and haunting sounds as he tinkers with dusty tape machines in the basement of the BBC studios where he works. Robin recently produced The Ghosts of Bush House an epic sonic tribute to the nocturnal corridors of the home to the BBC World Service, which sadly closed it's doors in 2012.

The Sound of Antler has benefitted greatly from Robin's faith that "there's always more to hear in that sound..."


Iain Paxon

As a musician, Iain will turn his hand to anything - playing guitar in The Sound of Antler, bass and drums in The Stix and just about everything in Hamilton Yarns.

As an artist, Iain's work has graced magazines and album covers all over the South. Sit still too long and he’ll be drawing you...

Alistair Strachan

Alistair plays cornet with The Sound of Antler and can be regularly spotted at experimental and folk gigs in Brighton playing flugelhorn, electronics and percussion.

People sometimes come up to Alistair after gigs to say they didn't realise the cornet could be played so softly. This lightness of touch has drawn him to composers and musicians who value subtle, plaintive playing over the more strident trumpeting normally associated with a brass section. His horn certainly emits some eerie noises on occasion, perhaps informed by the many years he spent as the web editor for the Fortean Times, fielding news reports of incoming frog falls and unearthly hums.