Field recordings unearthed…

After delving into the archives these field recordings from years ago appeared.
These were from about a month where just about anything interesting was recorded and filed away. Junk shops and dusty old cupboards, wasps nests and belfries. The list goes on…

Here’s a nice one. A Japanese made children’s pull toy with an oddly constructed melody on just the right side of creepy.

Posted by joceline on September 12th, 2015

BBC Introducing

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Can hardly believe it was this time last year The Sound of Antler was invited in for a session with BBC Introducing The South. Alistair and Joceline turned up at the studios with cornet, accordion, autoharp and casio.

Melita Dennet got three live tracks including a pared down version of Smoke on autoharp (audio to follow soon!)

We did our best to get a Sound of Antler takeover by bribing friends to tweet in offering to pay their license fee twice as long as they get to hear Poirot again…

Who knows, another session may be on the cards as recording began on the new Sound of Antler EP this month!

Posted by joceline on May 30th, 2015

Hillbilly boarding school…

1010748_10152920389505136_328430845_n 1006166_10152920391045136_1677183035_n 1002826_10152920390385136_742824696_n   For the second year running now Joceline has packed up her autoharp and headed to ‘Sore Fingers Summer School’ for the week to learn to play Bluegrass and American Old Time.. Held at a 1930s boarding school it’s like some kind of heaven. Classroom instrument tuition, loads of tea breaks, full board, playing bluegrass in the bar until the early hours and an autoharp expert on site.  The genius Greg Schreiber turned Joceline’s autoharp from a ‘straight off the factory line’ Ashbury into a customised thing of beauty! Still keeping the discreet ‘made in China’ sticker on it?  Yes. You can’t forget your roots.

Posted by joceline on April 14th, 2014




Downstairs the pub was loud, packed and a bit unsettling.  The Friday night, ‘pints after work’ brigade were completely unaware that upstairs a groups of unconventional music makers were sound checking for Scaledown which describes itself as ‘an ongoing series of genuinely alternative after-office entertainment’.  If only the drinkers below realised…

Excellent night! A spontaneous introductory singalong which the workers fresh from Canary Wharf gamely joined in with.  Loop pedal with wild abandon, Truly funny songs on a very small guitar, slide guitar and jews harp instrumentals and The Sound of Antler!

Arriving suitably ‘scaled down’ with no loop pedal this evening TSOA went unplugged although bowed to public demand and played ‘Poirot’ on battery power 🙂

Posted by joceline on March 22nd, 2014




What better way to warm our chilly February bones than by playing live in session at Resonance FM.  Yes the Hello/Goodbye show welcomed us in. Accordion, cornet, autoharp, casio and all and let us play music from ‘Them Bones’.   We had an idea to play ‘Sesame Street’  too (see former post!)  but the idea of dragging a harmonium down Borough High Street put an end to THOSE wild ideas.  Not until we have a chauffeur…

Posted by joceline on February 2nd, 2014



This year I met poet Kevin Reinhardt. Kevin’s book ‘Birdworld’ is full of dark humour, images of hidden  lives and close ups of human nature.

I was delighted to be asked by Kevin to contribute to his ‘Birdworld’ album and to write music to one of his poems. After much deliberation the chosen poem was ‘Sesame Street’. This surreal and dark poem about a chain smoking grandmother  showering the kids with wisdom called out to The Sound of Antler.  Keep an eye out for Kevin’s album!

The wheezy harmonium was the obvious accompaniment…


Posted by joceline on October 22nd, 2013




The Sound of Antler opened the Antifolk UK Spring festival today! Held at the 12Bar Club in Soho it was a great night going on til the small hours…

Joceline played solo on the REALLY high stage and did a fine job providing ‘vocal cornet’ over the accordion.  More ‘la da da da’ than making a realistic sounding effort 🙂


Posted by joceline on May 18th, 2013

New Album


It’s here! Debut album ‘Them Bones’ is now available as a download or CD.

Hand screen printed onto recycled card collected from all over Sussex. Due to these scattered sources the albums are a delightfully inconsistent colour batch. Hardly two the same!

Hand made, trifold and out now…

buy here

Posted by joceline on February 17th, 2013



Have finally  got a photo of the December gig at The Coach House in Brighton. With the rain lashing down outside it was a lovely fire lit evening playing alongside Crayola Lectern.

The Coach House is a treasure cabin full of bell jars, home made lamps and unexpected horse paintings so it was no surprise to find some real antlers there too…

How nice to play at a venue that values a good cup of tea and cake as well as ale on a stormy winters night!

Posted by joceline on January 15th, 2013